Federal Contractor Announces Multi-Million Dollar VA Projects

WASHINGTON, DC, May 14, 2021– Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC), a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Waldorf, MD, has announced the acquisition of multiple million-dollar federal contracts spanning various VA Medical Centers in Maryland and Washington, DC, as well as government buildings in and around the DC Metropolitan area.

In Perry Point, MD, HPC has been contracted to upgrade the fire alarm system for the entire VA Medical Center campus. HPC will also be renovating the Catheterization Lab at the Baltimore VA Medical Center, upgrading the space for enhanced safety and comfort during veteran care.

HPC will be conducting various roofing projects and upgrades at the USDA Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, MD. The federal project is slated to begin this year and will provide much needed infrastructure support to federal researchers.

Of the recent project acquisitions, Paul Hamilton, HPC’s Executive Vice President said, “We’re pleased to be working with the federal government to update veteran medical centers and other federal buildings during this very difficult time. These updates will no doubt aid in the safe care of vets.”

These acquisitions come as HPC has announced multiple job completions including two renovation projects aimed at upgrading spaces to adapt to COVID-19 safety precautions and to enhance clinic experiences for veterans attending VA Medical Centers. The Dental Clinic entrances in both Perry Point, MD and Baltimore, MD were completed in late April.

In addition to these projects, HPC is working extensively with multiple national cemeteries across the country including cemeteries in California, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. To learn more about HPC’s work with the national cemeteries, visit

Federal Contractor Completes Chiller Plant at DC Veterans Hospital

WASHINGTON, DC, November 03, 2020 — Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC), a federal general contractor, and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), headquartered in Waldorf, MD, announced earlier this month the completion of a multi-million dollar contract with the DC VA Medical Center optimizing building HVAC performance. In addition to this, HPC received multiple renovation contracts with both the Baltimore and DC VA Medical Centers totaling over $10 million dollars.

HPC completed the installation of a prefabricated modular chiller plant at the DC VA Medical Center earlier this month. This project is expected to optimize cooling performance throughout Building 1 of the medical campus. HPC conducted Value Engineering for this project, which in turn allowed the VA to purchase 2 stand alone 1750KVA generators to power the entire Chiller plant. In addition to these cost-saving measures, HPC was able to retain the existing power sources for the new equipment.

Earlier this month, the DC VA awarded HPC a multi-million dollar contract to renovate and expand the DC VA Medical Center Emergency Department. The project, which is expected to span three phases, will enable a greater number of patients to receive critical care during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

Paul Hamilton, Executive Vice President of HPC, said of the recent completions and awards, “Working closely with the DC VA Medical Center has helped us create a better place for veterans. Both optimizing cooling in Building 1 and expanding the emergency department will no doubt create an enhanced experience for both medical workers and critical patients.”

Maryland Contractor Unveils New COVID ICU for Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC, May 21, 2020– Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC), a general contractor headquartered in Waldorf, MD, recently completed the construction of an isolation unit within the Baltimore VAMC. The project, which was part of a federal undertaking to combat the spread of COVID-19, was an emergency project which was completed within 35 days of project development.

The isolation unit will also act as an intensive care unit for veterans battling the novel coronavirus. The unit will enable medical experts to safely treat patients without risking the spread of the virus to veterans attending the VAMC for routine treatments. HPC has taken the necessary protective measures to ensure its team are protected during the renovation process through the use of N95 face masks and various other forms of PPE.

Griffin Hamilton, HPC’s President, said of the project, “We are honored to have built this for our veterans. To have a safe place specifically for the treatment of this virus will undoubtedly help so many people in these very uncertain times. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure the timely completion of this very important project.”

In addition to the Baltimore COVID unit, HPC has recently been awarded multiple federal contracts for national cemeteries and VAMCs across the country. To learn more about HPC’s work with VAMCs or national cemeteries across the USA, please visit

Service Disabled General Contractor Partners with Veterans In Pain

WASHINGTON, DC, August 01, 2019 — Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Waldorf, MD, announced a partnership with Veterans In Pain (V.I.P) earlier this month. V.I.P is a 501c3 nonprofit providing bono Stem Cell and Regenerative solutions to Veterans suffering from chronic pain. 

The partnership will enable V.I.P to expand its outreach to further inform veterans of alternative pain management solutions. Paul Hamilton, HPC’s Executive Vice President, said of the partnership; “We’re very excited to form this bond with V.I.P. Their work has helped many veterans battling chronic pain in a life-altering and enriching way.” 

The partnership was formed in part by Hamilton and Micaela Bensko, founder and President of V.I.P. Benkso said of her organization, “With HPC’s enduring commitment as a Veteran owned and operated corporation, it is an honor to join forces in the healing of our wounded. Along with facilitating pro bono medical services for our country’s heroes, our common goal is to bring awareness to our Veterans suffering needlessly from chronic pain, that they are no longer alone. They are no longer a number. And when others unite in a common cause, there will always, always be hope.”

Partnering with V.I.P is the latest in HPC’s long history of veteran care. To learn more about Veterans In Pain, stem cell-based pain management, and pro bono veteran services, please visit their website, or contact the organization directly at the information below. 
About Veterans In Pain:
Veterans In Pain, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit providing pro bono medical solutions to Veterans suffering from chronic pain. This is only possible due to our national network of dedicated physicians specializing in the field of Pain Management, embracing an opportunity to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Our V.I.P. Board is comprised of some of the most renown experts in the field of Pain and Regenerative Science. 

Solutions offered through our program range from Regenerative Science practices to surgical intervention, alternative and holistic education, physical therapy, facilitation of PTS physical and psychological solutions via medical practitioners and/or sister organizations specializing in PTS related conditions.

For more information:
t @VeteransInPain
f @VeteransInPain
Micaela Bensko, Founder/President

Federal Contractor Accepts National Safety Award from AGC

WASHINGTON, DC, June 20, 2019  — Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC) a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland, recently accepted a Zero Time Lost award from The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). This award comes just after HPC’s garnering of multiple million-dollar federal projects.

Executive Vice President, Paul Hamilton, and Vice President, Bill Napier, accepted the award from the AGC at a Maryland chapter even on Wednesday, June 5. The award, which encompasses all work completed in 2018, recognized companies without safety violations, complications, or workplace injuries for the year. This latest award marks HPC’s 7th consecutive Zero Time Lost year. Of the award, Vice President, Bill Napier said, “HPC has worked hard over the past few years to ensure job site safety, not only for our valued employees, but also for those working in the same area. Having job sites within vital buildings to veteran care fuels our desire to create and maintain a safe work environment.”

Throughout the months of May and June HPC was awarded multiple contracts across the nation. At both Fort Bliss National Cemetery and Memphis National Cemetery, HPC will be completing respective site work phases to upgrade facilities, roads, and grounds. To learn more about HPC’s history of construction and renovation projects in National Cemeteries, please visit

Along with these national cemetery projects, HPC has garnered contracts in multiple care facilities including the DC VAMC. This project includes demolition and construction phases to convert Medical Center space into IV preparation stations. In Perry Point, Maryland, HPC will be installing a dealkalizer boiler protection system as well as performing electrical upgrades to the island’s existing system.

Federal Contractor Announces New Vice President

WASHINGTON, DC, April 18, 2019  — Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, headquartered in Waldorf, MD, recently announced the garnering of multiple federal construction contracts across the United States. These contracts come just after HPC’s recent appointment of Bill Napier to the role of Vice President.

The new federal contracts highlight HPC’s varied workset including a renovation for Shenandoah National Park where the federal contractor will complete a full roof replacement on the park’s wastewater treatment facility. This work will further the preservation and ecological efforts of park employees and facilitators. To learn more about HPC’s work with national parks and preserved areas, please see our website.

In addition to the national park renovation, HPC has also been awarded a paving and stormwater contract for NOAA’s Dickinson, TX facility. This project includes paving the facility parking lot as well as facilitating the parking lots drainage system. HPC’s work in Texas continues as the company was also awarded a contract to renovate the road system at Houston National Cemetery. To learn more about HPC’s work with National Cemeteries, please visit our website.

On April 12th, Bill Napier was named Vice President of Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain under Executive Vice President, Paul Hamilton and President, Griffin Hamilton. Napier is a service-disabled former decorated marine with multiple combat tours. He has dedicated his career with HPC to improving veterans care options and general federal facilities through VAMCs, National Cemeteries, and various military grounds. Of his recent appointment, Napier said, “I’m proud and excited to accept this new position within Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain. I’m confident that our future in federal construction will be just as strong and rewarding as our past and present.” Napier has personally overseen many HPC contracts and will continue to play a synergistic role in his new position.

Federal Contractor Completes 300th Federal Project

WASHINGTON, DC, February 27, 2019 — Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain, HPC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland, has completed its 300th federal project. The federal contractor has been operating across the United States since 2009.

The project milestone was announced this past month shortly after HPC’s completion of historic Poplar Island electrical upgrades. The federally protected contract was the first of its kind for the contractor who specializes in VA Medical Center renovations, upgrades, and general construction. The upgrades were headed by an expert electrical team who worked with conservation aids to further land development and ecosystem stabilization during the project.

HPC’s work with veteran-focused facilities spans its decade of business. VA Medical Centers across the country have hosted HPC for various projects including the Washington DC VA Medical Center where HPC’s team has worked to extensively improve oncology facilities for quick, comfortable, and safe treatment and recovery. 

Many of HPC’s projects from the past decade have also included prominent National Cemeteries including Arlington National Cemetery, Rosemont National Cemetery, and Houston National Cemetery. Paul Hamilton, Executive Vice President, said of the announcement, “We’re happy to have surpassed this wonderful milestone. Creating safe and reliable facilities for our great veterans is a core value of our company and we look forward to continuing our work.”

In addition to this milestone completion, HPC garnered two additional contracts this month including roof upgrades and repairs at Shenandoah National Park and the rehabilitation of parking facilities at the NOAA center in Texas. To learn more about past and present projects, please visit

Maryland Federal Contractor Completes Historic Poplar Island Repairs

Hamilton Pacific Chamberlain (HPC), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), located in Waldorf, MD, has recently completed multiple federal contracts valued at over $1 million. These projects include various repairs and upgrades to the Washington DC VA Medical Center, as well as necessary electrical upgrades to Poplar Island, MD.

Completed repairs to the Washington DC VAMC encompass multiple additions to accommodate a new Air Handling Unit (AHU), specifically the construction of a roof-mounted access door. The AHU addition to the VAMC unit is designed to provide a more comfortable environment for veteran rehabilitation and recovery. 

HPC has also completed electrical upgrades on Poplar Island, Maryland. The island has previously served as hunting grounds for presidents until 1946. In 1994 the state of Maryland, in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers, began restoration efforts to stabilize the islands ecology while reversing the effects of mass erosion. HPC’s project to upgrade electrical units along with the replacement of a generator to run the island’s electricity has aided restoration experts in their work on the island. HPC’s Executive Vice President, Paul Hamilton, said of the project, “We were delighted to work with the US Army Corps of Engineers on Poplar Island. It was an honor to be part of the rich history and bright future ahead for the area. HPC will continue to work with federal agencies in upgrading and repairing historic land.” This project has been the first of HPC’s contracts to aid federal restoration and protection efforts.

HPC’s 2019 project completions are followed by multiple project commencements including repairs to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, CA and the Washington DC VA Medical Center.

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